what is this fanlisting about?

This website is the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.org dedicated to guitars, and aims to create the biggest listing of fans of these evergreen musical instruments.

my love for guitars

Why did I build this fanlisting for guitars? Well, I love music incessantly, and the guitar had always been the brightest, shiniest apple in the crowd. I would go into guitar shops, craving to feel the strings under my fingers and the solid body resting on my knee. On a daily basis, the sounds of fingernails and plectrums brushing against guitar strings would bring goldness into my heart, ring like diamonds sprinkling in water - seperate me from the world and enclose me into a world of perfect, musical bliss; a home from home.

Physically, the guitar is also very beautiful and organic. There's something very human in its shape that resonates in its eventual sound. Its shape, tuning it, the strings, the soundhole, the neck, the minor and major chords; sus4, 7th, 5th - even the wretched barre chords - my fingers dancing across the neck, finding their thought-homes. The guitar solo opens, revealing the skeleton of a diamond song.

What I love most about the guitar is its ability to share itself with the world. Across the world, another person is picking up his guitar the same time as you, his talent unrecognised, playing to the open air in a rolling green field, wind the flutes, flowers the keys to the rain. In both cases, their music is shared across the world, to Nature or to humans; to the flowing breeze or the deepest of hearts.

My favourite musicians, particularly Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, played a huge role in the development of my love for guitar. Their knowledge and ability matured my understanding for the guitar. In their early days, Dylan was the ripe example of acoustic folk; Young the soft, folk-rock electric soul. Then Dylan shocked the musical world by typhooning into the electric - enigma pulsing in his veins, secrets behind those howls; Young quite simply wrapped beads across his neck, snuck on a half-smile and acoustic-folked us all across the Natural world. Springsteen stole the sun with long lyrical narratives wrapped around a guitar, then learning how to make his guitar talk with bleeding fingers at age thirteen, thrashing with the E Street Band and rolling on the lonely hills of Nebraska. They all went from the guitar to bigger projects, such as the piano, but for them the guitar always resonates as the golden starting point.

It was only recently that I began to teach myself guitar - my parents had never forced me to take up music nor encouraged me to play anything I didn't feel an urge to. For these reasons, my love for the guitar is something of a more personal thing, that took its own path and developed its own love. My story may be the same for many others, but that is what I love about the guitar - it can share and speak for others.

Written by Raine (owner of this fanlisting)

So! If you find yourself unable to explain your love for guitars, and are generally a fan of these beautiful instruments, then why not join the fanlisting, and add your name to the growing list of guitar fans? :)