what are chords and guitar tabulature?

It's often difficult when you're a beginner on guitar and musical theory, and find yourself plunged into all these guitar terminologies, such as chords and tabulature. Hopefully, These two particular phrases are explained in more detail to you on these pages, so you can understand them and use them yourself! :)

ChordsA chord on the guitar is when several notes on different strings are played at the same time, and when sounded together, produce a particular sound. There is an endless variety of chords.

Every chord is given a specific name, based on the notes that constitute the chord and the distances, or intervals, between them; it is also dependant on the sound it produces relevant to its initial chord name. For example, a chord whose bass note is E will be an E chord; if it produces an upbeat and happy sound, it will be called E major, etc.

To find the chord you need when playing a song, click here for an amazing collection, and good luck! :D

Guitar tabulatureGuitar tabulature (tab) Tablature is a form of musical notation which tells the player where to place their fingers on a particular instrument rather than which pitches to play (source).

Tab indicates where and when a finger should be depressed to generate a note, although there is no indication of when to stop sounding it, so duration is at the discretion of the performer to a greater extent than is the case in conventional musical notation.

The Music Publishers' Association (MPA) has recently deemed unauthorized tablature illegal and is beginning to shut down websites that offer free tablature. MPA president Lauren Keiser says that the owners of free tablature services may even be arrested (click here for more info). Several websites that offer free tablature have already taken their tablature offline until a solution or compromise is found.

However, there are many sites that still exist, or hold legal copies of tabs. If you do an online search for guitar tab for a particular song, you will be sure to find it. Good luck! :D