wah-wah: the guitars fanlisting

Welcome to the only fanlisting listed at TheFanlistings.Org for the musical instrument of the people, that cries and laughs and chugs and slides and winds with every earth sound - the evergreen guitar!

What is a "fanlisting"? Well, it is simply a type of website, that aims to unite fans from all across the world of a particular subject, by creating an online "list" of "fans" for that subject. This is in accordance with the popularised concept found at the original online fanlisting headquarters, TheFanlistings.Org.

Whichever guitar you like or have - be it classical, acoustic, electric, semi-acoustic, doubleneck, steel - or however many winding strings it has - if you feel an inexplicable sense of completion and happiness and excitement when you see or play a guitar, then this is the place for you, as we aim to unite all guitar fans, as you can join the fanlisting for free (this website is a voluntary fan effort), and become part of a growing, worldwide list of guitar fans! Website navigation can be found above, below the main header graphic. You can also refer to the site map if you’re confused about how to navigate around this website. If you have any queries, do contact me!

Site information and updates

This site, and all the rendered graphics, have been created by me, Raine, and is hosted at my website, RevolutionBlues.Org. It is also listed at TheFanlistings.Org, the original base of fanlistings. This site makes no profit, nor is it a newsletter or official service: it simply aims to list fans of evergreen guitars.

Opened: 28th January 2005
Last updated: 25th February 2019
Total listed fans: 229 in 38 countries (and 0 waiting to be added)
Latest fans added: Deborah